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  • Signing up for GitHubGetting started with GitHub Desktop 
    GitHub is a collaboration and versioning platform, sharing code or text where it can be viewed online and improved and repurposed by others. It can even be used to create a free website. With a free application you can synchronise files between your own computer and a repository on GitHub.
  • "Getting started with GitHub" (8 minute video) published 2020 by Anson Alexander


  • Economics with Jupyter Notebooks 
    Notebooks are web pages made of text and code "cells" which can perform live calculations and graphing in a variety of programming languages. They can be used to illustrate the process of reading, processing, and visualising data. This article introduces the concept and points to free services that host notebooks.

Articulate Storyline

  • Overview of Storyline 360 (18 minute video) 
    Storyline is a paid platform for creating online courses, which can include text, animations, questions, and media files.

Xerte Online Toolkits

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