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Copyright Statement

This page explains your rights to reuse material from this site, and our conditions for such use.

Materials on this site created by the Economics Network are the property of the University of Bristol, except where stated. Individual contributions of learning materials or case studies are the intellectual property of their authors. Although most of the site can be viewed by the public, this does not mean that it is public domain.

We give permission to reproduce material from our site for non-commercial use, provided that the original source is acknowledged. We do not allow materials from this site to be included in a product that is sold for profit, but you can ask permission at .

Your right to remix

We invite lecturers to use this site to share learning and teaching materials, retaining ownership but attaching a Creative Commons licence. There are different versions of Creative Commons: the Attribution-Noncommercial version is used for many resources across this site. When you see this licence attached to online resources, you know that you can copy and adapt the materials for educational purposes, so long as you give credit to the original author.

We host the TRUE project, which includes fifteen different sub-sites for sharing teaching materials aimed at 2nd and 3rd Year modules. Many are licensed as Creative Commons, but some are copyright, all rights reserved.

We also host the METAL project, most of whose resources are licensed as Creative Commons.

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