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Teaching Resources for Undergraduate Economics (TRUE)

Administered by JISC/ Higher Education AcademyTeaching Resources for Undergraduate Economics (TRUE) was a set of sub-sites on which lecturers share teaching materials in fifteen specialist areas of Economics.

More than four hundred resources were made available through the sites, each led by a senior academic in that field.

The TRUE Showcase has some examples of the most interesting resources shared by the project.

Dr. Peter Smith, University of Southampton
Professor Vincent Daly, Kingston University
Professor Alan Collins, University of Portsmouth
Professor Cillian Ryan, University of Birmingham
Professor Dieter Balkenborg, University of Exeter
Dr. Heather Brown, Newcastle University
(previously run by the Health Economics Unit, University of Birmingham)
Dr. Andy Denis, City University
Professor Derek Braddon, University of West of England
Professor David Paton, University of Nottingham
Professor Monojit Chatterji, University of Dundee
Professor Antony Dnes, University of Hull
Managerial/ Business Economics Dr Fiona Carmichael, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham
Professor Kent Matthews, Cardiff University
Professor Rebecca Taylor, Nottingham Trent University
CLREA group, University of Portsmouth (Jeff Grainger and Dave Clark)
Professor Paul Fenn, University of Nottingham

Intellectual property of contributed material remains with its present owners. As a condition of deposit, the project encourages the relicense of material as Creative Commons. There is scope for negotiations with individual rights holders, but the licence we used is Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial. The Economics Network already has an advice sheet for content authors on why and how to license their materials.

A poster/leaflet advertising the project (20MB download) is available.

Full details of the project are contained in the project bid and the final report.

Teaching Resources for Undergraduate Economics