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Welcome to the TRUE wiki for European Economics. This site is being managed by Cillian Ryan at the European Research Institute, University of Birmingham and Michael Walsh at Coventry University.

The aim of the TRUE project is to establish a repository of material that can be accessed and shared by academics teaching environmental and resource economics, particularly at intermediate/advanced undergraduate level. This could include lecture notes and handouts, slide presentations, suggested reading lists, problems and solutions, case-studies, simulations, etc. The possibilities are only bounded by your imagination.

I am particularly keen to establish a repositry of useful up-to-date tables and graphs. There is no point in hundreds of us slaving away each year with the EUROSTAT datasite to update comparative per capita GDP figures. One is surely enough!

While there are a number of buttons on the left into which I can add material, in some cases it may make sense to keep all the material associated with a module as one unit. If you tell me this on submission I will endeavor to to this. In general this will be as a complete Module in the Lecture Section

We hope that the site will also build into a useful forum for exchanging ideas, comments and suggestions relating to teaching materials in this subject area.

If this sounds of interest, and especially if you have teaching materials that you would be willing to share, please get in touch with us at

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