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Lecture notes in European Economics

First Year

Cillian Ryan (University of Birmingham)

LEVEL: First year UK
Knowledge base: Basic understanding of Supply and Demand presumed; basic ability to understand graphs in Economics; GCSE Mathematics.
Module Name: European Economics Issues

Description: At Birmingham most of our students are mainstream Single or Joint Honours Economics students. All are taking a course on Economics Principles in parallel with this module, but we expect them to have a basic grasp of Supply & Demand at this stage, either through A levels or through a crash course in week 1.

One way to characterise this course, is that it takes all the European bits out of the Sloman Economics textbook (Prentice Hall) and concentrates them into a single thematic course in order to give students a chance to see the theory they are studying in 'Principles' in an applied setting. The material in Sloman is supplemented by some of my own notes on the principles underlying international trade (L2, highly simplified for first years -arguably overly so) and some material extracted from Baldwin & Wyplosz (The Economics of European Integration, McGraw Hill) and Swann (The Economics of the Europe, 9th Edition, Penguin Economics, London, 2000). Baldwin and Wyplosz is in general too advanced for first years but there are one or two sections which are very valuable even for this level.

The introduction to each PowerPoint Lecture points the student to the relevant reading source where relevant. Finally, the lecture slides occasionally contain links to relevant parts of the WinEcon package which students may have via their textbook or avaiable from for a modest fee. The links in the text take them directly to the relevant part of the WinEcon package.

Each Lecture designed for 2 hour session with short break.

Second year

Nick Potts (Southampton Solent University)

Module name: European Business Environment.
Three sets of lecture notes for a module on European integration aimed at 2nd year Business students.

Third Year

Liliana Hiris (Robert Gordon University Aberdeen)

Module Name: European Economy
Level: Final year UK management students
These are the 10 2-hour lectures that make up this course (find corresponding classes under seminar / workshop materials)


Mike Walsh (Coventry University)

Module Name: The European Union: Economic Policy

Postgraduate (MBA)

Richard Connoly (University of Birmingham)

These lecture notes are designed for an MBA course on how economic developments shape political risks with a focus on Russia and the transition economies of Eastern Europe.


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