The Economics Network

Improving economics teaching and learning for over 20 years


Mission and Activities

We aim to enhance the quality of learning and teaching throughout the Higher Education economics community.

Executive Group

The Executive Group, which includes our Directors, is the decision making body of the Economics Network. This group leads on our five main working groups (training, publications, conferences and symposia, research, and website and communications), as well as any appointments. In addition, the Executive Group is responsible for engaging the wider community of Associates in our work and promoting diversity within the Network.

Management Board

The Management Board is responsible for oversight of the Economics Network's structure, activities and finances. The Network’s Directors report to the Board at biannual meetings, usually held in April and November.

At least two members of the Board also contribute to any appointment panels on an ad hoc basis.

As its membership is representative of the HE economics community and our funders, the Management Board also offers advice to the Network on any proposed future plans and opportunities.

Workshop endorsement

The Network’s training provision is reviewed annually by the Scottish Economic Society Council and the Royal Economic Society’s Education and Training Committee. We provide documentation on the contents of our training, feedback from recent participants, and details of how our workshops map to the UK Professional Standards Framework and meet the needs of HE economics departments and their staff.

Our training workshops have been endorsed by both the RES and SES since 2015 through this process. Some economics departments offer exemptions from institutional training if their staff have attended Economics Network training.

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