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Sheila Dutton, University of Portsmouth
Case Study
07 Jan 2010
Giancarlo Ianulardo, Economics Department, University of Bath
Case Study
18 Dec 2009
Vitalia Kinakh, The Manchester College
Case Study
07 Dec 2009
02 Jun 2009
Russell Stannard, University of Westminster
Case Study
06 Jan 2009
Paul L. Latreille, Swansea University
Case Study
14 Apr 2008
Mel Powell, University of Derby
Case Study
01 Apr 2008
Stephen Kinsella, University of Limerick, Ireland
Case Study
22 Jan 2008
James Mackley, School of Business and Economics, Swansea University
Case Study
31 Oct 2007
Cillian Ryan, University of Birmingham, and Mike Walsh, Coventry University
Case Study
30 Jun 2007
Michael A. Quinn, Bentley College, USA
Case Study
31 Jan 2007
Alison Wride, University of Exeter
Case Study
01 Oct 2006
W. David McCausland, University of Aberdeen
Case Study
24 Jul 2006
Andy Ramsden, University of Bristol
Case Study
30 Oct 2005
Tim Kochanski, University of Alaska Southeast, USA
Case Study
29 Sep 2005
Geraint Johnes, Lancaster University
Case Study
25 Jul 2005
Douglas Chalmers, Glasgow Caledonian University
Case Study
24 Apr 2005