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Past award winners

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Outstanding Career Achievement in Economics Education: Peter Davies, University of Birmingham

Outstanding Contributions to Economics Education: Helen Knight, Nottingham Trent University

Best new lecturer: Swati Virmani, De Montfort University

Special commendations for contribution to economics teaching and learning during the pandemic: Robert Riegler, Aston University; Annika Johnson, University of Bristol; Lory Barile, University of Warwick; Petar Stankov, Royal Holloway University of London


Outstanding Career Achievement in Economics Education: Wendy Carlin, University College London

Outstanding Contributions to Economics Education winners: Dimitra Petropoulou, London School of Economics, and Steve Proud, University of Bristol

Outstanding Contributions to Economics Education runners-up: Matthew Olczak, Aston University, and Ben Knight, University of Warwick

Best New Lecturer winner: Maria Kozlovskaya, Aston University

Best New Lecturer runner-up: Tadeusz Gwiazdowski, University of Leeds

Best New Lecturer commendations: Ruth Badru, University of East Anglia, and Brian Varian, Swansea University


Best New Lecturer Award​ winner: Peter Backus, University of Manchester


Outstanding Student Support Winner: Fabian Winkler, London School of Economics and Political Science

Best New Lecturer Winner: Chris Colvin, Queen’s University Belfast

Best New Lecturer Commendations: Christian Spielmann and Parama Chaudhury, University College London; Laura Delaney, City University

Outstanding Teaching Joint Winners: Jeremy Smith, University of Warwick; Paul Middleditch, University of Manchester

Outstanding Teaching Commendation: Ralf Becker, University of Manchester; Peter Dawson, University of East Anglia


Outstanding Teaching Winner: Steven Cook, Swansea University

Outstanding Teaching Commendations: Caroline Joll, Cardiff University; The EC307 Development Economics team’ (Oriana Bandiera, Greg Fischer, Michael Best and Tara Mitchell), London School of Economics and Political Science

Student-Nominated Winners: David McCausland, University of Aberdeen; Chris Jones, Aston University

Student-Nominated Commendations: Neil Rickman, University of Surrey; Steven McIntosh, University of Sheffield; Peter Sinclair, University of Birmingham; Michael Walsh, Coventry University

eLearning Award Winner: John Gathergood, University of Nottingham

eLearning Award Commendation: Richard Wiseman and Susan Noble, Mimas (Manchester InforMation and Associated Services)


Lifetime Achievement Award: Roy Bailey, University of Essex

Outstanding Teaching Winner: Andrew Hale, University of Worcester

Outstanding Teaching Commendation: Duncan Watson, Swansea University

Student-Nominated Winner: Judith Shapiro, LSE

Student-Nominated Commendation: Michael McMahon, University of Warwick

eLearning Award Winner: Ken Clark, University of Manchester


Outstanding Teaching Winners: Swee-Hoon Chuah, Nottingham University Business School

Outstanding Teaching Commendations: Ian Jeffries, Swansea University and Melanie Jones, Swansea University

Student-Nominated Winners: Andy Dickerson, University of Sheffield

Combined Outstanding Teaching and Student-Nominated award: John Maloney, University of Exeter

Student-Nominated Commendations: Paul Allanson, University of Dundee and Matteo Iannizzotto, University of Durham

eLearning Award Winners: Dieter Balkenborg and Todd Kaplan, University of Exeter for promoting classroom experiments using their FEELE laboratory.


Outstanding Teaching Joint Winners: Alwyn Young, London School of Economics and Iain Long, London School of Economics

Student-Nominated Winner: Paul Latreille, Swansea University

Student-Nominated Commendations: Kosuke Aoki, London School of Economics and Sanchari Roy, London School of Economics

eLearning Award Winner: Denis McGrath, University of Westminster

eLearning Award Commendation: Ken Heather, University of Portsmouth


Outstanding Teaching Joint Winners: Manuel Palazuelos-Martinez, London School of Economics and Robert Hoffmann, University of Nottingham

Student-Nominated Winner: Duncan Watson, Swansea University

Student-Nominated Commendations: Wyn Morgan, University of Nottingham and Osman Ouattara, Swansea University

eLearning Award Joint Winners: Paul Latreille, Swansea University and Philip Wane, Nottingham Trent University


Outstanding Teaching Winner: Dean Garratt from Nottingham Trent University

Student-Nominated Winners: Maksymillian Kwiek, University of Southampton; Robin Naylor, Warwick University; and Alison Wride, Exeter University

Student-Nominated Commendations: Ben McQuillin, University of East Anglia; Juliette Stephenson, Exeter University

eLearning Award Winner: David McCausland, Aberdeen University


Outstanding Teaching Winner: Stuart Sayer, Edinburgh University

Outstanding Teaching Commendation: Steven Cook, Swansea University

Student-Nominated Winners: Anand Prathivadi Bhayankaram, University of Bradford and Jon Guest, Coventry University

eLearning Award Winner: Geoff Wyatt, Heriot Watt University for


Outstanding Teaching Winner: Nancy Devlin, City University

Outstanding Teaching Commendations: Laurence Lasselle, University of St. Andrews and Don Webber, University of the West of England

Student-Nominated Winner: Nigel Duck, Bristol University


Outstanding Teaching Winners: Fiona Carmichael, University of Salford and Geraint Johnes, Lancaster University

Outstanding Teaching Commendations: Paul Latreille, University of Swansea and Peter Smith, University of Southampton

Student-Nominated Winners: Guglielmo Volpe, London Metropolitan University and Jeremy Edwards, Cambridge University

Student-Nominated Commendations: Alice Sindzingre, SOAS; Andre Noor, SOAS and David Hendry, Oxford University

Electronic Resource Award Winner: Douglas Chalmers, Glasgow Caledonian University for his Blackboard-based course intranet

Electronic Resource Award Commendations: Jon Seaton, Loughborough University for course support sites and Chris Downs, Neil Costello, Martin Higginson, Dr Judith Metha and Heldey Stone, Open University for an interactive CD-ROM


Electronic Resource Award Joint Winners: John Houston and David Whigham, Glasgow Caledonian University for administering exams via Excel and Frank Stephen, Kathleen Tyrell and John Ireland, Strathclyde University for their course support site

Electronic Resource Award Commendation: Julia Darby, University of Glasgow for online study skills resources


Outstanding Teaching Winners: Caroline Elliott, Lancaster University and Monojit Chatterji, University of Dundee

Outstanding Teaching Commendations: Colin Ash, University of Reading; Guiseppe Fontana, University of Leeds; Robert McMaster, University of Aberdeen and Peter Swann, Manchester Business School

Electronic Resource Award Winner: Kevin Hinde, University of Northumbria for

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