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CHEER Volume 10, Issue 1, 1996 Contents

*  Editorial


*  Upping the Ante for Instructional Software: Learning How Students Learn
Arnold Katz

*  Calculating Real Rates of Interest assuming an Inflationary Situation: An Excel Application
Ray Thomas

*  Examples for Economists with DERIVE: Non-linear Least Squares
Barry Murphy

*  Examples of Scientific Workplace 2.01 in Use
Barry Murphy

Reports and Short Notes

*  CTI Centre for Economics Report
Mike Emslie

*  Tracking Learners, Golden Gateways and Walk-in WinEcon
A Report on the Computing Sessions at the ASSA Meetings

Guy Judge

*  WinEcon on the Web
Simon Price, Li Lin Cheah, and Jan Chipchase


*  Quest Economics on CD ROM
Mike Emslie

*  Virtual Economics: An Interactive Center for Economics Education on CD ROM
Mike Emslie

*  Multimedia Toolbook 4.0 and CBT Edition - Costs and Benefits
Simon Price

*  Exploring Probability and Statistics with Spreadsheets by Callender & Jackson
Barry Murphy