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Economic Journal Software Reviews

John Sloman (1995) The WinEcon Project
EJ Vol105 No. 432 September 1995
Krichel and Wichmann (1994) Internet Primer for Economists
EJ Vol. 104 No. 427 November 1994

Editor's Note

The Editors of the Economic Journal and the publishers, Blackwell Publishers, have agreed to a pilot project through which parts of the Software Reviews section of the journal can be made available in electronic form on the Internet via the Bristol World Wide Web server. Thomas Krichel and Thorsten Wichmann have kindly given permission for their article "Internet Primer for Economists", originally published in the November 1994 issue of the Economic Journal, to be the very first review to be made available in this form. Indeed, nothing could be more appropriate as the first contribution to this experimental service. I should remind readers that this paper was submitted in the summer of 1994 and published in November 1994. It is reproduced here exactly as published and no attempt has been made to update it despite the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.

The Editors of the Economic Journal welcome feedback on the new service. Please e-mail me at giving as Subject: EJWWW

Guy Judge University of Portsmouth
Software Reviews Editor - The Economic Journal