About Us

Our Mission and Activities

We aim to enhance the quality of learning and teaching throughout the Higher Education economics community.

Contact Us

Address, phone and other contact details for the network office in Bristol


The Network has a small core team based at the University of Bristol.

Executive Group and Associates

Our Executive Group (formerly called Senior Associates) contribute to all aspects of the Network's activities and advise on how to serve the discipline. Associates promote and engage with the activities of the Network.

Management board

The management board was set up in 2012 to oversee the activities of the Network.

Our Community

We connect with the Higher Education Economics community via departmental contacts, associates, patrons, and partner organisations

Contributor profiles

An alphabetical index of people who have contributed in some way to this site or some other aspects of our work

Twenty-year anniversary

A quick tour through some of the things we have done in our first twenty years.

About this Site

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