The Economics Network

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Key Contacts

The Economics Network has established a network of Key Contacts throughout UK Higher Education Institutions. Every economics department or business school that teaches courses with an element of economics has been invited to nominate a Key Contact. Contacts are people within departments with a keen interest in learning and teaching and often have a responsibility in this area.

Contacts have a vital role in helping share good and innovative practice in learning and teaching across departments. They provide a voice for their department and the subject as a whole, and inform the national strategy for supporting economics education.

Economics Network Key Contacts are listed alphabetically by institution. If your institution is not represented and you would like to volunteer please contact us at

The Economics Network Key Contacts' main responsibilities are to:

  • Be advocates for the Network within their department, including disseminating Economics Network communications, encouraging staff to contribute to Economics Network publications and to use resources and services.
  • Engage with the Economics Network by providing information, ideas and feedback from the department.
  • Attend annual Economics Network Contacts meetings, where contacts can network with other colleagues, share ideas and practice, and learn more about the Economics Network.

Details of past Key Contact conferences:

  • The 2011 conference was held on Monday 5 September at the London School of Economics and Political Science and included sessions on designing induction programmes and using games and experiments in teaching.
    • Resources from the conference include presentations on student induction, classroom experiments and computerised economic experiments.
  • The 2010 conference was held on Wednesday 8 September at the University of Bristol and focused on student feedback, the results of Economics Network and NSS student surveys and how to use feedback to change teaching practice.
  • The 2009 conference was held in Cardiff and the themes discussed included the 2009 lecturer survey results, improving NSS scores and using web 2.0 technologies in teaching.