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INERME workshop: Assessing mathematics in economics courses

Online, Wednesday 19 June, 12pm-1pm GMT (1pm-2pm CET)

This session will focus on how we assess mathematics in economics courses. Presenters will share innovative ideas and insights on challenges and what works well for students’ learning.

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Case Study of STACK assessments in Maths for Economists

Raphael Mueller and Lisa Feiste

  • Framework of the case study at two German universities
  • STACK performance and exam results
  • On motivation and incentives for voluntary STACK tasks

Computer-aided assessment at J-BJI

Robert Leek

  • How computer-aided assessments (CAAs) are used at J-BJI (Jinan University - University of Birmingham Joint Institute)
  • Considerations for question and assessment design
  • Considerations for procurement and support of CAA systems

Tactical vs strategic maths skills

Aleksandar Vasilev

  • students' incentives - the majority want to get a high pass with minimum studying. Idea of: pass, forget, and move to the next module
  • exam time allows assessors to give short problems - straightforward application of formulae ("cramming")
  • things change in Y2 and Y3 - when theory is taught with maths, and students need a "deep understanding" of the symbols and procedures (using maths as engineers)

Next workshop

The next workshop will be on 16 October and will address transitions to university.

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