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PowerPoint in Economics Teaching

PowerPoint does not have to be an instrument of torture. Nobody likes to see an interesting topic reduced to a dull recitation of bullet points. Used imaginatively, however, PowerPoint has appealing advantages for economics lecturers:

  • Graphs can be animated.
  • Presentations can be rapidly edited and rearranged.
  • A wealth of PowerPoint material has already been created (see below).
  • You can embed useful things such as graphs, hyperlinks or video clips in a presentation.

Finding Slides and Animations

We are providing some animated slide shows to illustrate models in core intermediate macro. You are free to use and adapt them however you want. We have ongoing projects to create and host more slides.

Our database of learning and teaching materials links to slide-shows and presentations all over the web. You will normally need permission to make use of them yourself.

Textbook companion sites are another good way to find slides.

Getting to Grips with PowerPoint

Do you know how to use the PowerPoint pen? Add audio narration to PowerPoint? Paste an Excel chart into PowerPoint without copying the entire worksheet? We have quick video tips on these topics.

Innovative Uses

The Handbook for Economics Lecturers chapter on Lectures has tips for making overheads useful.

A slide show does not have to be arranged in linear order. The case study "Making PowerPoint interactive with Hyperlinks" shows how to create multiple paths, so the presentation can adapt immediately to student feedback.


Powerpoint has a built-in accessibility checker. A three minute video from Jisc TechDIS explains how to use this.

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