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Adding Audio to Powerpoint

One way to create video materials is to combine audio narration with an existing slide show.

  1. Use the "Record Narration" facility of PowerPoint, producing a PowerPoint Show (.pps)
  2. Use a video editing program

PowerPoint narration

This is the simplest option, though it can lead to quite bloated files.

Video editing program

This can be a finicky procedure and difficult to get right first time, but allows you precise control over the finished product. Many video editing packages are suitable for this, including Video Editor which comes free with some versions of Windows and iMovie which is free on Macs.

  1. From PowerPoint, save your Presentation as PNG Portable Network Graphics Format (.png)
  2. Import the images into the video editing program's timeline.
  3. Record narration over the images, or record it separately and import the audio.
  4. Export and distribute the finished movie.