The Economics Network

Improving economics teaching and learning for over 20 years

Lay Summaries of Economics Research

RES Media Briefings

Press releases summarising work reported in The Economic Journal or the RES Annual Conference, updated around twice per week

The Economics Observatory

This project aims to "bridge the gap between academic research, government policy and the general public" by answering questions about economics in a neutral, accessible, and engaging manner. It publishes articles, graphs and videos on a daily basis.

AEA Research Highlights

Interviews and summaries of work published in the American Economics Association's seven journals, with new summaries once or twice per week

The Conversation

The Conversation is run by a consortium of universities and its aim is captured in the slogan "Academic rigour, journalistic flair". Articles might explain a piece of research, a current event such as a Budget statement, or the context of a hot topic in the form of an "explainer".

Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (BPEA)

Brookings Institute is based in the USA and is a a nonprofit public policy organization. These articles aim to present recent research "in a clear and accessible style to maximize their impact on economic understanding and policymaking."

Our World in Data

Non-profit initiative hosted at Oxford University, using short blog posts and interactive graphs (usually with downloadable data sets) to explain global topics, especially the economy and climate change. Topics include What’s the impact of globalization on wages, jobs and the cost of living?, Why is carbon pricing in some countries more successful than in others?, Taxation and How do we know the history of extreme poverty?

Page One Economics

Introductory articles from the research division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, with glossaries and embedded interactive graphs, on topics such as "The Economics of Natural Disasters", "Does International Trade Create Winners and Losers?" and "Financing Businesses and Public Projects with Stocks and Bonds". Some of the featured essays have won awards for promoting financial literacy. Roughly nine new articles per year.

Chicago Booth Initiative on Global Markets Economic Experts Panel

"We regularly poll over 80 economists on a range of timely and relevant topics. Panelists not only have the opportunity to respond to a poll’s statements, but an opportunity to comment and provide additional resources, if they wish. The IGM then shares the results with the public in a straightforward and concise format."