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The Handbook for Economics Lecturers

Dozens of detailed guides, including a chapter for teaching assistants

Ideas Bank

More than 160 short case studies from economics teaching staff

International Review of Economics Education (IREE)

An international peer-reviewed journal that promotes research into effective learning and teaching in economics in higher education, now incorporating Computers in Higher Education Economics Review (CHEER)


The Economics Network has an annual awards scheme to recognise outstanding teachers. We also run student competitions.

Learning and Teaching Development Projects (Funded Projects)

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Economics in the UK

UK Economics departments & staff lists

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External Examiners Database

A password-protected list of externals for Economics in UK Higher Education

Our research

Research projects including surveys of lecturers, students, alumni and employers

Official documents and syllabuses

GCE syllabuses and QAA documents

Funding Map

An at-a-glance guide to sources of funding for research and teaching

Past projects

The Economics Network has taken part in, or supported, a variety of projects to develop or evaluate innovative resources and practices in learning.