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Lecture materials in Experimental Economics

Miguel A. Fonseca, University of Exeter

Lectures from BEEM109 Experimental Economics and Finance, 2009/10. Slides in PDF format:

Todd Kaplan, University of Exeter / University of Haifa

Lecture slides in Powerpoint format from Markets, Games and Strategic Behaviour, 2008/09:

  1. Introduction
  2. Price competition
  3. Bertand complements
  4. Bank runs
  5. Network externalities
  6. Information asymmetries
  7. Vertical markets
  8. Supplier hold-up problem
  9. Drafts (PDF format slide-show)
  10. Price discrimination
  11. Insurance
  12. Signalling
  13. Subgame perfection
  14. Auctions

Martin Poulter, The Economics Network

Two interactive graphs to illustrate schematically the difference between hyperbolic and exponential (constant discount rate) discounting:

These have been created as demonstrators of what can be done with simple interactive graphs. The same technique could be applied to make other graphs interactive. Email to suggest ways this could be adapted.

These graphs have a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

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