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Recent additions to TRUE: Econometrics

  • Time Series Decomposition: A practical example using a classic data set by Steve Cook. See [Practical Exercises];
  • Project-based learning of modern econometrics, by Steve Cook. See [Practical Exercises];
  • ESDS International's "Teaching Tools"  initiative. See [Data];
  • Ron Smith's Applied Statistics and Econometrics notes and exercises. See [Lectures & Courses] and [Technical Exercises];
  • Juergen Bracht's (Eviews) Computer Workshop exercises. See [Practical Exercises];
  • David Hendry on undergraduate econometrics. See [Audio-visual materials];
  • Links to open-source software.  See [Software];
  • Christopher Dougherty's year 2 course - see [Lectures & Courses], with slides & videos - see [Audio-visual materials];
  • Roger Perman's final year Applied Econometrics course. See [Lectures & Courses];
  • Guy Judge's year 2 & year 3 courses. See [Lectures & Courses];
  • Some data portals. See [Data];
  • Software listings. See [Software];
  • "Forecasting Market Diffusion": a short PPT slide show, sketching how S-curves can be a basis for an econometric approach to modelling and forecasting market penetration. See [Audio-visual materials];
  • "What is econometrics for?": this short handout contributes to the motivation/introduction of an econometrics module. It takes students through the key features of a published example of applied econometrics. See [student handouts];
  • Information regarding Intellectual Property - as this might affect the rights and obligations of wiki contributors. See [IPR matters].


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