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DEE 2011 Presentation slides

This page collects Powerpoint and PDF presentations from the sessions of the DEE conference, September 2011. Many thanks to the presenters for sharing their materials.

Key Contacts Conference

Alison Wride "Student Induction Programmes" (.ppt)

Jon Guest and John Sloman "Classroom Experiments" (.ppt)

Dieter Balkenborg and Sara Talloo "Bringing Economic Experiments to the Classroom: Computerized Experiments" (.ppt)

DEE Conference

These are the presentations in the order in which they appeared in the programme.

Emmanuel Ojo "Improving the teaching and learning of South African first year undergraduates" (.pptx)

Gherardo Girardi "Teaching economics using proverbs from around the world" (.pptx)

Muncinga Simatele "Reconsidering the teaching of economics to students on business programmes – a case study of undergraduate business studies economics at the University of Hertfordshire" (.pptx)

Esyin Chew and Helena Snee "Enhancing international student experience with innovative assessment and feedback system – Grademark and Peermark" (.ppt)

Judith Piggott "Using individual peer assessment in economics teaching" (.ppt)

KimMarie McGoldrick, Peter Schuhmann "Challenge quizzes: The impact of a unique assessment tool on student performance" (.pdf)

Dirk Mateer "Workshop: Media resources for economists: The best of pop culture all rolled into one place" (.ppt)

Juliette Stephenson and Carlos Cortinhas "Workshop: Engaging and motivating students: Using technology enhanced learning experiences" (.pdf)

Dean Garratt and Stephen Heasell "Enhancing the use of international data by economics students" (.ppt)

Richard Diamond and Holly Smith "Threshold concepts: A disciplinary enquiry in quantitative finance" (.pdf) | (Handout) (.pdf)

Susan Noble and Celia Russell "Using international data in teaching and learning" (.ppt)

Daniel Blackshields "Scaffolding minds less ordinary: transforming economics thinking by intelligent looking" (.pptx)

Tommy Tang and Uwe Dulleck "An experiment to investigate the effect of reflective essay on learning in economics"

Mary Hedges and Don Webber "Using student evaluations to improve individual and department teaching qualities" (.ppt)

Elisabete Duarte "International finance management" (.pdf)

Karen Jackson, Adelina Lees "Diversity: Challenges and successes in teaching economics" (.pptx)

Liliana Harding "International study prospects" (.pptx)

Dan Wheatley "Workshop: Demonstration of CBA builder" (.ppt) (link to CBA Builder site)

Mike Reynolds "Workshop: The flexibility of the oligopoly game" (.pptx)

Philip Hedges and Peter Urwin "Developing and assessing the communication skills on the MSc applied Economics at the University of Westminster" (.ppt)

G. S. Panikar, Satheesh Menon, Jose Augustine, Rajam Rajagopalan. "Employability of economics graduates - Bridging the gap" (.ppt)

Wayne Geerling "Economic naturalist writing assignment" (.pptx)

Mary Hedges "Curriculum design and assessment: an integrated learning and teaching tool" (.pptx)

Peter Smith "The Southampton curriculum innovation programme: curriculum design in a post-Browne world" (.ppt)

Steve Cook "Project-based learning of modern econometrics" (.pdf)

Emma Frew, Hema Mistry, Raymond Oppong "Development of the Health Economics education (HEe) website to encourage and support teaching and learning in health economics " (.ppt) | (Link to HEe site)

Valerie Dickie, Kai Dunker, Vibhor Saxena "The role, responsibilities and remuneration of graduate teaching assistants in the UK" (.ppt)

Chris Jones and Anne Wheeler "Student performance in BS1102 economics environment of business: Does a background in economics and maths matter" (.ppt)

Alvin Birdi "Workshop: Using Latex for teaching intermediate quantitative economics"

David Wheat "Workshop: Getting started with simulation software: Macrolab"

Matthew Olczak "Evaluating the impact of a web-based resource on student learning" (.pdf)

Elena Petrova "Setting the oil market right" (.pptx)

Michael McMahon "Classroom games in economics: A quantitative analysis of the ‘Beer Game’" (.pdf)

Giorgio Di Pietro "The effectiveness of remedial education-addressing enhancement in student performance in a post 1992 university" (.ppt)

Judith Shapiro, Kasia Grabowska "Does studying economics make you selfish? Theory, evidence and policy implications" (.pptx)

Robbie Mochrie, Annemarie Crozier, Susan Mathieson "A report on the impact of using principles of action learning in undergraduate teaching" (.ppt)

Ross Guest and David McCausland "Publishing papers in economics education/ The IREE journal" (.pptx)

Martin Poulter "Open Educational Resources: DeSTRESS and the TRUE projects" (.ppt) | (DeSTRESS brochure) (.pdf)

James Johnston, Alan Reeves, Steve Talbot "Economics: an elite subject for elite universities?" (.ppt)

Dorien Doornebos-Klarenbeek "Interactive workshop: Be economical!" (.ppt)

Adam Cade "The Ethical finance game" (.pdf)

Internationalisation workshop

Margarida Dolan "Inclusive Practices to Promote International Students' Participation and Satisfaction" (.pdf)

Margarida Dolan "Teaching International Students and Diversity" (.pdf)