Employability and Entrepreneurship

In this section you will find sources of information concerning the development of students' skills — both subject specific and generic — that will be relevant to them in seeking a job and doing that job effectively.

Transferable Skills

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Research on Employability

Employability Skills in UK Economics Degrees

This collaborative project involved the Economics Network and universities around the UK. See the summary, full report (PDF), notes from focus group discussions, and employability case studies.

Employer Survey 2019

A summary and full report are available for this survey of 40 employers.

Employer Survey 2014-15

The 2014/15 survey was conducted with the support of the Government Economic Service and the Society of Business Economists. Read a summary of results, including comparisons to 2012.

Employer Survey 2012

The 2012 survey was partially funded by the Higher Education Academy. Read a summary of the results or download the full report "Economics Graduates' Skills and Employability".

Employability Survey 2006/07

This project was conducted by the Applied Statistics and Quantitative Modelling Consultancy Unit (ASQM) at the University of the West of England and supported by the Economics Network and the Royal Economic Society. It sought to inform the UK economics academic community about employers' requirements of economics graduates, to establish whether they think these graduates generally possess the required skills and knowledge, and to reveal any clear shortfalls. It also sought to establish whether the Economics subject Benchmark Statement is regarded as appropriate by employers. You can read a summary of the results is available (PDF) or the full report (PDF).

Economics Student Employability Profile 2005

The Student Employability Profile (Word document) uses interviews with Economics graduates to examine the distinctive strengths of a degree the subject.

Alumni Survey (Economics Graduates) and Employers Interviews 2008, 2004

The Economics Network conducted interviews with employers and alumni to investigate the knowledge and skills acquired in an Economics degree and their relevance to jobs and careers. This work is part of an ongoing research project into learning, teaching and employability in Economics HE.


Our latest survey of alumni ran until December 2008. The results can be read either in an executive summary or a full report.

National aggregate results from 2004 can be downloaded in PDF format. They can help provide better understanding of the links between curriculum, learning experiences and career outcomes.

Student Perspectives

Three questions in our 2006 student survey addressed questions of employability: we asked students what they saw as the best aspects of their degree, what useful skills they had developed, and how they had been changed by the course.

The Enhancement Themes for Scottish HE included Employability (2004-05) and Graduates for the 21st Century (2008-11).