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In the topic index you'll find short orientations to the important resources for a number of different topics

Handbook for Economics lecturers

This is a set of subject-specific guides aimed at those who teach economics in UK Higher Education. Organised along themes of teaching, assessment, course design and evaluation, the guides provide tips and case studies from economists at the chalk face.

Ideas bank

The Good Practice Showcase collates short, focused examples of learning and teaching practices throughout the economics community so that you don't need to re-invent the wheel.


International Review of Economics Education covers research and practice in economics education.

Department List

A quick and easy list of links to every UK economics department Web site and, where available, staff lists and course modules.

Online learning materials

With our hundreds of links to online tutorials, exam papers, slides and other materials, you can see how other lecturers are teaching and assessing economics topics. We also link to key sources of news and data.

News and events

Keep up-to-date on our national and departmental workshops and biennial conference.