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Books & Journals for Regional and Local Economics

The following are a selection of books and journals relevant to regional and local economics.


Armstrong, H., & Taylor, J. (2000). Regional Economics and Policy (3rd edition). Oxford: Blackwell Google Books Preview

Blair, J.P. (1995). Local Economic Development: Analysis, Practice and Globalization. London: Sage Publications Ltd. Google Books overview

Capello, R. (2007). Regional Economics. Abingdon, Routledge Amazon

Geddes, M., & Benington, J. (1992). Restructuring the Local Economy. Longman Open Library

Harris, R.I.D. (1991). Regional Economic Policy in Northern Ireland, 1945-1988. Open Library

McCann, P. (2001). Urban and Regional Economics. Oxford, Oxford University Press Oxford University Press

McDonald, J.F. (1997). Fundamentals of Urban Economics. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall Amazon

Roberts, P., & Sykes, H. (2000). Urban Regeneration: A Handbook. Google Books Overview

Townroe, P., & Martin, R. (1992). Regional Development in the 1990's. Regional Studies Association. Google Books Preview


The Annals of Regional Science

Applied Economics

Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society

Environment and Planning

European Urban and Regional Studies

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

Journal of Regional Science

Journal of Urban Economics

Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal

Land Economics

Local Economy

Local Government Studies

Oxford Economic Papers

Papers in Regional Science

Regional Science and Urban Economics

Regional Studies

Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies

Scottish Journal of Political Economy

Urban Studies


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