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Economics teaching and learning through the arts: The contribution of literature and cinema

An Economics Network funded project, 2006-7

Project leaders: Dr Gherardo Girardi, Dr Guglielmo Volpe and Dr John Sedgwick, London Metropolitan University

The overall objective is to launch a new module which explores the use of literature and cinema as means of teaching economics. The module would be split 50/50, i.e. one half would involve literature, the other half cinema.

Most students are very attracted to cinema and a few are very attracted to literature. By using means of communication which are attractive to them, project plan to significantly enhance their participation and thus their performance. It is also hoping to attract people who, because they are artistically inclined and not attracted by the technical way in which economics is usually taught nowadays, would not normally learn the subject. The produced resources will be available from the Network Web site.

Output: Extended Case Study: Teaching and learning economics through cinema
Output: Powerpoint Presentation from DEE 2007 Conference