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An audiovisual resource for Health Economics education (HEe)

An Economics Network funded project, 2010-11

Institution: University of Birmingham
Project leader: Dr Emma Frew

The purpose of this project is to stimulate students' interest in health economics, and make key contributions to health economics research accessible to a wider audience of leaders. We aim to achieve this by producing a series of high-quality audiovisual resources, presenting contemporary health economics issues and topics in an interesting and visually appealing way.

The series will be based on a series of recorded interviews with leading health economists who will be invited to participate in this project. The project builds on the progress made by Health Economics Education (HEe) in supporting and encouraging health economics teaching and learning. There are virtually no audiovisual resources currently available for health economics teachings. The resources will be produced in a way that facilitates a range of uses - key elements of each interview will be available as a series of short 'sound bites', in addition to the complete interviews.


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