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Enhancing the international student experience with innovative assessment and feedback on postgraduate Economics studies at Glamorgan

An Economics Network funded project, 2010-11

Institution: Glamorgan University
Project leaders: Dr Esyin Chew, Miss Helena Snee

There have been significant numbers of international postgraduates in Economic studies at the University of Glamorgan. However, there is limited learning and teaching research which explores their engagement with assessment and feedback and how innovative approaches could enhance their learning experiences. Researching international student cohorts on postgraduate Economics studies, the proposed project aims to investigate their technology enhanced learning, assessment and feedback experiences at Glamorgan Business School.

The project objectives are to:

  1. embed GradeMark and PeerMark as the innovative assessment and feedback approach in the new academic;
  2. explore international students' confirming and disconfirming experiences on GradeMark - the online submission, plagiarism detection, time-sensitive feedback and grading tool;
  3. discover international students' perceptions and experiences of the impact brought by PeerMark - the new collaborative and peer-marking tool of GradeMark;
  4. produce a video case study with good practices and guides on how to enhance international student experience in Economics studies.