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Finance and Economics Experimental Laboratory at Exeter

Bringing Economic Experiments into the Classroom

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The Economic Classroom Experiments pages on WikiVersity are being used by the FEELE team to document many kinds of experiment. You can log in to WikiVersity to make your own changes to the text, for example to report on your classroom experiences.

Project goals: Our vision is for classroom experiments to be a fundamental part of the economic programme's curriculum at the University of Exeter. The experience of putting into practice economic theory will inspire and motivate students of various quantitative backgrounds and overall lead them to a deeper understanding. Each student will participate in 20-30 experiments during the course of their studies and every economics module will be evaluated in order to find which experiments are most suitable to achieve the aims, objectives, and learning outcomes of the module. Overall, we will introduce 40, mostly computerized, experiments into the school's teaching curriculum. While we will incorporate existing experiments, we will also develop many new ones. These computer programs as well as articles describing how to duplicate our achievements will be made available for use at other universities through cooperation with the Economics Network, using various media and web resources.

Institution: University of Exeter
Project Leaders: Todd Kaplan and Dieter Balkenborg