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CORE Workshop 2018

A PDF programme from this event is available.

The CORE workshop held in Bristol in June 2018 was later available as a "virtual workshop" on the CORE site (free registration required).

The video recordings are also available on CORE's YouTube channel, but the virtual workshop also includes downloadable supporting material and detailed indexes of each video. The session titles are:

  1. Introduction
  2. New to CORE?
  3. The CORE vision
  4. Capitalism and democracy
  5. Active learning and flipped classroom
  6. The labour market and the aggregate economy
  7. Games in the classroom
  8. Teaching about institutions
  9. Doing Economics

Introduced by Prof Wendy Carlin of UCL and Economics Network director Prof Alvin Birdi, the sessions include a dozen speakers reporting on using CORE in their own teaching, with practices including classroom games, data-driven exercises, and the flipped classroom.