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Shared materials in Industrial Economics

Syllabi, reading lists and handbooks

David Paton, Nottingham University Business School, University of Nottingham

This is a module outline for students on Business School Masters courses (e.g. Management, Finance and Investment, Risk Management) taking Industrial Economics as a semester 2 option. Typically these students will have previously studied economics only at an introductory level.

Mike Scherer, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Syllabus for a Industry Structure, Strategy, and Public Policy course building a systematic theoretical framework for analyzing the structure, behavior, and performance of major industries.

Seminar/workshop materials

Nottingham University

Here are some workshop exercises (some based on problems in Church & Ware) used on the Industrial Economics module taught to Business School Masters at NUBS. These are designed for students at their own pace under the supervision of a tutor. Their work is marked but does not form part of the module assessment.

Paul L. Latreille, Swansea University

Industry Concentration & The Hannah-Kay Axioms: A Simulation Exercise 
Dr. Latreille has shared these resources, including an interactive simulation in Excel, to support a forthcoming paper by Latreille and Mackley in the International Review of Economics Education incorporating Computers in Higher Education Economics Review.

Assessment materials

David Paton, Nottingham University

Past exam for N14100 Industrial Economics 2008/09. David Paton, Nottingham University.



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