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Online Text

Health Knowledge: Health Economics by David Parkin, hosted by the Department of Health

Teaching Aids

EQ-5D index calculator.xls This is a simple tool that can be used in lectures to demonstrate the value sets available around the world for the EQ-5D - provided by Agota Szende, Nancy Devlin and Mark Oppe of the EuroQol Group.

Bootstrap example.xls A simple spreadsheet demonstration of how bootstrapping is used to generate confidence intervals for cost effectiveness ratios - provided by Ken Buckingham, 2007.


An excellent data set is available free from the United Nations Development Programme, Human Development Report. (Download the "Statistical tables" spreadsheet). Students can readily use this data (eg. to examine for themselves the relationship between health care spending and GDP per capita)


Two Word documents produced by the Economics Network as part of the Mathematical Case Studies for Economists project. Author: Stephen Heasell, Nottingham Trent University.

6th HERG Virtual Researcher Seminar

at 14.00 GMT on 7th September 2012.

This initiative is led by PhD students. Our aim is to provide web-based meetings for doctoral  and early career researchers in health economics. We invite oral presentations on work-in-progress from PhD students conducting research with a focus on health economics. This is a distinctive opportunity to interact with colleagues with no travel time or costs.  The meetings will encourage high quality, and positive academic feedback, and create opportunities for developing new and lasting collaborations.  

Speaker: Tamlyn Rautenberg, PhD Researcher
Academic Unit of Health Economics, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, University of Leeds
Title: Developing a Step by Step Guide to Decision Modelling in Health Care
Book via email at and you will be sent an invitation link to the virtual seminar.  See webpage for more details:
5th HERG Virtual Researcher Seminar
took place on 8th June 2012.
  1st Speaker: Nils Gutacker, PhD student & Research Fellow
Centre for Health Economics, University of York
Title: The joint evaluation of hospital cost and quality performance: New evidence from the English PROM initiative (WIP!)
2nd Speaker: Marto Trapero-Bertran, Research Fellow
Health Economics Research Group, Brunel University
Title: Incorporating passive smoking and smoking during pregnancy in economic evaluation of smoking cessations interventions
4th HERG Virtual Researcher Seminar
took place on 9th June 2012.
1st Speaker: Ana Tur, PhD student
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona & University College London
Title: Lower Bound Estimates of Price Elasticities of Pharmaceutical Consumption
2nd Speaker: Nana Anokye, Research Fellow
Health Economics Research Group, Brunel University
Title: The demand for physical activity through sport and leisure in England
3rd HERG Virtual Researcher Seminar
took place on 9th September 2011.

1st Speaker: Chris Skedgel, PhD student
School of Health & Related Research, University of Sheffield
Title: Discrete choice versus constant sum paired comparisons for eliciting societal preferences for healthcare resource allocation
2nd Speaker: Edward Kendall, PhD student
Dept of Epidemiology & Public Health, UCL
Title: Methodological issues with area-level inequality measurement using panel data
2nd HERG Virtual Researcher Seminar
took place on 27th May 2011.
1st Speaker: Christian Boehler, PhD student
Health Economics Research Group, Brunel University
Title: Mind the Gap! Geographic Transferability of Economic Evaluation in Health
2nd Speaker: Jonas Minet Kinge, PhD student
Health Care Evaluation Group, UCL
Title: Socioeconomic variation in the association between obesity and health service use
1st HERG Virtual Researcher Seminar
took place on 28 January 2011.
1st speaker: James Chambers,PhD student
Health Economics Research Group, Brunel University
Title: Using cost-effectiveness evidence in the US health care system - Evidence from Medicare
 2nd speaker: Laura Vallejo-Torres,PhD student
Health Care Evaluation Group, UCL
Title: An economic analysis of vertical equity in the delivery of health care in England


HESG 40th Anniversary

The health economists study group 40th Anniversary took place on 25th to 27th June 2012 at St Hughs College in Oxford.  A plenary session took place on 26th June and the question asked:

"Our critics say that, over the last 40 years, health economics has developed into a blend of bad economics, bad statistics, and bad epidemiology. What should we do to avoid a dismal end for the cheerful face of the dismal science?

The session was chaired by Professor Cam Donaldson and there were contributions led by four discussants: Professor Bruce Hollingsworth, Dr Emma Frew, Dr Marjon van der Pol and Dr Mark Dusheiko. 


Online teaching materials on health economics - provided by the Office for Health Economics (OHE)

The health economics resource page - a guide to online resources for MSc students provided by Nancy Devlin and David Parkin, City University

WHO health economics website

Handbook for Economics Lecturers

Economics Network database of online materials

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