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4.1 Suggested reading

The following are good sources of case studies in economics:

Gomez-Ibañez, J.A. and Kalt, J. P. (1990) Cases in Microeconomics, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

Rukstad, M. G. (1992) Macroeconomic Decision Making in the World Economy: Text and Cases, 3rd edn, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Fort Worth, TX.

Yarbrough, B. and Yarbrough, R. (1991) The World Economy: Trade and Finance, Dryden Press, Hinsdale, IL.

Research and development of case studies is carried out by various associations, among which is the North American Case Research Association. Journals such as the Case Research Journal, the Asian Case Research Journal, the Journal of Economic Education and the Journal of Education for Business regularly publish articles on the case method.

4.2 Websites

The Harvard Business School Publishing, the Kennedy School of Government, the Darden Business School at Virginia University and the Richard Ivey School of Business websites contain extremely helpful material and information about the case method. You can access samples of their case studies by following the instructions on their websites:

Harvard Business School Publishing:

Kennedy School of Government Case Programme:

Darden Business School Case Programme:

Richard Ivey School of Business:

The North American Case Research Association is dedicated to the development of case studies and the diffusion of the case method. It provides a gateway to other case resources and it can be found at: .

The Economics Network website contains links to Web-based resources on the case method and it can be accessed at: .