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GTA online sessions 2020

Programme overview

The workshops complement any generic-based institutional training delegates might receive (and in some institutions exempts attendees from parts of such training). They are facilitated by experienced economics lecturers.

The workshops enable participants to discuss and evaluate the effective teaching of economics in small-group classes, tutorials, seminars and workshops, including:

  • managing student expectations
  • different seminar types (face-to-face and online)
  • dealing with diversity
  • marking and feedback

All sessions have been adapted to the changed environment in which a blended teaching and learning approach will be the predominant form of delivery.

Registration has closed for these sessions.

Compulsory sessions

Upon registration, you are automatically signed up for all compulsory sessions. Where multiple dates are listed, please attend the most convenient for you.

Module TitleOverviewDates
Key topics, orientation and introductionsDetailed introduction to course and UK HE environment; meet the cohortFri 18 Sept (3pm-4.30pm)
Engaging with students 
Engaging small groups of studentsEngaging small groups in seminars and online teaching environmentsThu 1 Oct (1pm-2.30pm)
Fri 2 Oct (10am-11.30am),
Tue 6 Oct (2pm-3.30pm) or Fri 9 Oct (12pm-1.30pm)
Assessment and feedback 
Marking and feedbackDeveloping effective and fair marking practices; providing feedback that promotes student learningMon 26 Oct (2pm)
Summing up 
Panel discussion and course conclusionsChance to ask additional questions; ideas for additional resourcesFri 30 Oct (2pm)
Module TitleOverviewDates
Planning courses and teaching 
Creating learning communitiesUnderstanding your students’ needs; meeting the challenge of moving online; VLE design and managementMon 21 Sept (3pm-4.30pm) or Wed 23 Sept (3pm-4.30pm)
Inclusive teachingCreating an inclusive classroom; ensuring student voices are heardTue 29 Sept (3pm-4.30pm)
Engaging with students 
Engaging small groups onlineA workshop for GTAs who have attended our training previously. Focused on engaging students in an online environmentFri 9 Oct (3.30pm)
Facilitating effective groupworkEncouraging students to effectively work together in class and onlineWed 14 Oct (3pm)
Games and experimentsUsing interactive games and experiments to engage studentsThurs 15 Oct (1pm)
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