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Forms of Assessment

These pages introduce various different forms of assessment which are currently available. They do not purport to offer comprehensive accounts of any of them, but try to offer some guidance for the teacher who needs to select appropriate instruments.

All of them are discussed under the same headings, borrowed from those used in the notes you get with medicines nowadays—for some odd reason, they seemed appropriate:

  • Description: a brief description of the method
  • Indications: when to use it
  • Contra-indications: when not to use it
  • Special precautions: things to be aware of
  • Notes: anything else which has not been mentioned under another heading.

The methods:

Case-studies Collaborative/group projects
Direct observation Essays
Examinations (unseen) Examinations (seen/open book)
Multiple-choice tests Oral questioning after observation
Performance projects Portfolios
Practical projects Presentations
Problem sheets Projects
Self-assessment Short-answer questions
Simulations Viva voce examinations

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