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Research-Teaching Linkages

The focus of this Theme was on taught programmes. It looked at how, at institutional and programme level, links between research strategies and activities can support the student learning experience. It focused on ways of improving student research skills through research-related activities.

Enhancement Theme Outcomes include:

More information on the Theme and details of the activities and outcomes can be found on the Enhancement Themes site.

Further resources

Research- teaching linkages can be looked at in two ways; how can lecturers balance their research and teaching duties and how can research be embedded into curricula, particularly at undergraduate level. The following first three resources deal with the former, whilst the last two deal with the latter.

Research and teaching case studies

Eight case studies from academics in economics departments discussing their approaches to research and teaching, primarily looking at how research and teaching can integrate to complement rather than compete against one another.

Publisher: Economics Network

Exploring the links between teaching and research in economics

A funded project that looks at the link between subject-based research and teaching, how they are both perceived and made within UK economics departments. This project also encompasses the current Theme (Graduates in the 21st Century) by looking at the ways in which research-teaching linkages are used in order to enhance student's employability skills in terms of their understanding of research process and the development of those graduate attributes that are valued by employers.

Publisher: Economics Network (produced by Linda Juleff, Edinburgh Napier University)

Linking teaching and research in disciplines and departments

This paper seeks to support the effective links between teaching and discipline-based research in disciplinary communities and academic departments. Suggestions are offered as to how disciplinary communities and departments can strengthen the good practice that already exists. The arguments are evidenced and illustrated by research and case studies drawn largely from Australasia, Europe and North America.

Publisher: Higher Education Academy

Undergraduate research in economics

KimMarie McGoldrick’s handbook chapter on undergraduate research in economics gives a detailed description of the issues involved in introducing research projects into undergraduate curriculums. Including two case studies, the handbook takes a different stance to the Theme by involving students in research directly.

Publisher: Economics Network (KimMarie McGoldrick, Richmond University)

Undergraduate dissertation in economics

A more practical guide to the student dissertation, Peter Smith’s handbook looks at the way students can engage with their dissertations, the necessary skills that are required before the dissertation can be started and the overall benefits. Of particular interest may be chapter four, the alternative to the dissertation, discussing a research-led approach to student learning.

Publisher: Economics Network (Peter Smith, Southampton University)