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Following on from assessment, one of the first Enhancement Themes, integrative assessment, was looked at during 2005-06. Primarily concerned with a coherent assessment path throughout a student’s life, the steering committee found that the relationship between formative and summative assessment was a significant issue in higher education.

Enhancement Theme outcomes include:

More information on the Theme as well as activities and outcomes can be found on the Enhancement Themes site.

Further Resources

Alternative forms of formative and summative assessment

This handbook chapter provides lecturers with alternative methods and practices of assessment. The particular focus is that these practices further develop students’ transferable skills. It also stresses the importance of formative assessment, and how this can motivate students and improve their learning processes.

Published: Economics Network (Nigel Miller, University of York)

Assessment and monitoring case studies

With twelve case studies from across HEI’s in the UK, these case studies highlight innovative practice in assessment. Of particular interest to integrative assessment may be Ken Clarks’s case study on using wikis as a platform for student collaboration in economics. 

Published: Economics Network

Assessing an economics programme: Hansen proficiencies, eportfolio and undergraduate research

Published in the International Review of Economics Education (IREE) this paper discusses a set of principles for programmatic assessment, specifically looking at one economics department in the US who have developed an assessment of student learning based on Hansen’s proficiencies. 

Published: IREE 8.1 (Economics Network journal)

The mock exam as a low cost, high return revision exercise

This short case study looks at the mock exam, and how it can avoid burdening the lecturer with more marking but instead improve attendance numbers, benefit students and receive very positive feedback.

Published: Economics Network (James Copestake, Bath University)

An investigation into the potential for blended learning approaches in enhancing students’ assessment experience on an introduction to economics and statistics module

An Economics Network funded learning and teaching development project that aims to introduce basic statistical techniques that are relevant to the modern day economist. The project looks at how the module can include blended learning approaches.

Published: Economics Network (Shaista Naheed Mihas, Canterbury Christ Church University)