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PowerPoints for Intermediate Microeconomics

These slide shows make extensive use of animation and algebra to present microeconomic models. They include explanatory text and can be used by students for self-paced revision.

You have our permission to use the slide shows in your presentations or to copy them onto your own site or Virtual Learning Environment. You may modify them as much as you like. In return, we only ask that you notify us (email that you are using them in your courses.

To save these files onto your own computer, right-click and select "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As" (Firefox).

Tip: If distributing these presentations to students through a web site or VLE, save them as PowerPoint Show (or just change the .ppt suffix to .pps) so that they open in slide show mode.

The Marshall, Hicks and Slutsky Demand Curves
17 slides Dark on white
The Paasche and Laspeyres Indices
12 slides Dark on white
Income Tax (by Margaret Bray, LSE)
107 slides Dark on white
Light on black

These presentations were created by Cillian Ryan, University of Birmingham with enhancements by The Economics Network (expect where indicated). They were developed with a small grant from the JISC/Higher Education Academy's Distributed eLearning programme.