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Envelopes of materials for countries

[Sidebar to case study about the International Trade Game]

Each team (country) is given an envelope of materials at the start of the game. You will need to fill each envelope with the appropriate materials in advance and label the envelope. The following envelopes are required for each game.

Rich countries: A1, A2

2 pairs of scissors

2 rulers

1 compass

1 set square (the exact size of the large triangular shape)

1 protractor (the exact size of the semi-circular shape)

2 pencils

1 sheet of A4 paper

6 × £100 notes (or €100 or $100).

Middle-income countries: B1, B2

2 pencils

1 ruler

10 sheets of A4 paper

3 × £100 notes (or €100 or $100)

Low-income countries: C1, C2

2 pencils 

4 sheets of A4 paper 

2 × £100 notes (or €100 or $100)