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Peer-assessed videos as a substitute for in-class presentations

Adapted, with permission, from a post to the tch-econ mailing list.

I find the typical presentation in class is mostly a waste for other students. A couple years ago, I started requiring students to create their own 3-4 minute videos to present their findings instead of the usual class presentation. They are peer-reviewed to minimize my grading (I give them a simple rubric). We then watch a couple in class to prompt discussion and I can fit in 3-4 and discussion without taking an entire class.

The students have been quite willing to spend hours editing their content to make it entertaining and concise. No one (so far) has needed much help with the technology - they are adept at using their phones or other cameras to record and edit their content. I am very happy with the results.

Below is one of my recent assignments (Word .docx format; click to download)

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