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Teaching ECONOMICS as a Foreign Language: Assignment

This is an appendix to the case study "TEFL - Teaching ECONOMICS as a Foreign Language" by Paul Dowdall.

Assignment One: Microeconomic Analysis of European Business

Weighting: 25% of your final marks


During Part One of this module you have been introduced to a range of tools of microeconomic analysis; this assignment requires you to demonstrate your understanding of these tools of analysis and how they may be applied to the study of European business.


Undertake an economic market analysis of a European business sector with which you are familiar. The market chosen MUST exhibit cross-border competition between businesses in different countries within Europe.

Your report should include:

  • A Structural and Behavioural Analysis of the immediate market environment;
  • A Five Forces Analysis of the "proximate" environment; and
  • An analysis of the wider environment (PEST, SPELT).

You should make extensive use of empirical evidence and a wide range of references. Your report should be approximately 2500 words in length.


You will be assessed on the following basis:

  • Evidence of an understanding of the relevant microeconomic theories and concepts;
  • Evidence of an understanding of how to apply these tools of analysis to the study of the European business environment;
  • Knowledge of the particular European business sector studied;
  • Use of data sources and other references;
  • Completeness of the task outlined above.

Additional guidance notes

Your assignment should be word-processed and include references, bibliography and a word count.