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Appendix C: Unit Experience Scales

Appendix C to "Peer Assessment in a Second Year Macroeconomics Unit"

Unit Experience Scales

Good Teaching
3 The staff member motivated me to do my best work
7 The staff member put a lot of time into commenting on my work
15 The staff member made a real effort to understand difficulties I might be having with my work
16 The assessment methods employed in this unit required an in-depth understanding of the unit content
17 The staff member normally gave me feedback on how I was going
18 The staff member was extremely good at explaining things
20 The staff member worked hard to make this unit interesting
  Good Teaching Scale Average
Clear Goals and Standards
1 It was always easy to know the standard of work expected
6 I usually had a clear idea of where I was going and what was expected of me in this unit
13 * It was not often hard to discover what was expected of me in this unit
24 The staff member made it clear right from the start what was expected of students
  Clear Goals and Standards Scale Average
Appropriate Workload
4 * The workload was not too heavy
14 I was generally given enough time to understand the things I had to learn
21 * There was not a lot of pressure on me as a student in this unit
23 * The volume of work in this unit meant was such that it could all be thoroughly comprehended
  Appropriate Workload Scale Average
Appropriate Assessment
8 * To do well in this unit you didn't just need a good memory
12 * The staff member seemed more interested in testing what I had understood than what I had memorised
19 * Not too many questions asked were just about facts
  Appropriate Assessment Scale Average
Overall Satisfaction
25 Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of this unit