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Economics Network Student Survey 2006 winners

The following students have been sent iPod Shuffles for taking part in the 2006 national survey of economics students.

  1. Stephanie Downing, Lancaster University
  2. Luke Murray, Lancaster University
  3. Kerry-Ann Virgo, Bristol University
  4. Claire Simm, Loughborough University
  5. Wendelin Thomas, University of Essex
  6. Matthew Saville, Southampton  University
  7. Charles Greenwood, University of Exeter
  8. Shahir Chowdhury, Cardiff University
  9. Amalina Haji Awang Tenga, University of Kent
  10. XiaoMeng Yang, University of Bangor

Kerry-Ann Virgo, a 3rd year student at Bristol University won an iPod shuffle for taking part in our National Student Survey. She was presented with her prize by Gervas Huxley from the Department of Economics.