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An Investigation into the Application of Economics Threshold Concepts using WinEcon via a VLE for Business Students

An Economics Network funded project 2006-7

Project leader: Mike Walsh

This investigative project builds on both the FDTL5 research led by Staffordshire University and the WinEcon based FDTL5 research led by Birmingham University. Project has the following aims and objectives:

  1. To investigate the feasibility of embedding the selected threshold concepts for business students using WinEcon via VLE software including, e.g. Respondus and Study Mate
  2. To develop relevant on-line teaching materials to support WinEcon, such as problems and mini-case studies with hyperlinks to WinEcon.
  3. To assess how students' performance in understanding the selected threshold concepts changes as a result of embedding. It is proposed this will involve a series of questions at the beginning and end of the academic year to test students' understanding of selected threshold concepts, plus their application to business.
  4. To use the project's findings to develop further research into embedding a wider range of threshold concepts via VLEs


This project received continuation funding for the 2007-8 academic year.

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