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Econometric Data to Supplement Teaching with Open Source Software

An Economics Network funded project, 2008-9

Institution: Coventry University
Project leader: Karl Shutes

Text book worked examples and end of chapter exercises are valuable teaching tools. This project aims to replicate a number of text books' examples for student use and to give instructors the relevant exercises for a number of mainstream econometric texts. The examples and exercises will allow students to get 'hands on' with a number of econometric estimation techniques reinforcing lecture content and allow lecturers to set material from their chosen texts without requiring them to estimate or code the various examples themselves. This will reduce at least one area of frustration for both student and instructor.

Output: Final report
Output: ZIP file containing data sets and scripts for Koop's ‘Analysis of Economic Data’ (2nd Ed). The archive contains data and scripts (in the R and gretl languages) for the exercises in the book. A number of exercises are left open, with a number of possible specifications, for students to decide on the ‘correct’ answer for themselves.

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