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The development of health economics teaching in the UK from a course director's perspective

A qualitative study in Economics and Finance

An Economics Network funded project, 2008-9

Institution: University of East Anglia and Glasgow University
Project leaders: Tracey Sach, University of East Anglia; Paula Lorgelly, Glasgow University

The aim of this project is to undertake semi-structured interviews with the course or module directors in each of the universities identified and verified as key providers of health economics teaching in order to explore perceptions of how and why health economics teaching has developed in the UK, this will refer to the development of health economics as a sub-discipline of economics more generally since the two topics are likely to be highly interlinked. The interview schedule will identify themes, opening questions and prompts to guide the interview process but diversions from the schedule will be encouraged and explored to ensure saturation of ideas and themes emerge.

Output: PowerPoint slides from DEE2009 conference presentation
Output: Final report