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The development of an Advisory Board to support Health Economics Education (HEe)

Institution: University of Birmingham
Project leader: Dr Emma Frew

The Health Economics Education (HEe) website was developed to encourage and support teaching and learning in health economics, to create a community of health economics teachers willing to share ideas, resources and expertise in health economics teaching and to promote health economics to potential students.

As of January 2010, the University of Birmingham was appointed the new lead of HEe. As the new lead we have the responsibility to take forward what others have worked hard to develop and to create a HEe resource that fulfills all of its objectives.

We would like to develop an Advisory Board that will guide the development of HEe's operation. This project seeks funding to support two Advisory Board meetings in the fist year of operation, to be held in Birmingham. The funding will support the travelling expenses of all Advisory Board members.


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