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Embedding Academic Skills in the Teaching and Learning Process

An Economics Network funded project, 2010-11

Institution: Southampton University
Project leader: Dr. Russell Bentley

The project seeks to embed a range of skills in the curriculum that will increase student academic achievement and enhance employability. While the project resides in Economics, the skills encompass those required for study across the Social Sciences and, therefore, the project is inherently multidisciplinary. This is one of the elements that makes the programme distinctive. Many disciplines have ‘skills’ modules that are discipline specific (e.g. ‘Thinking Politically’), but this project aims to enhance academic achievement across a broader range of measures, improve employability and specifically offer streams of activities designed for international students. In addition, the project envisions a formalised role for personal tutors for reinforcement and compliance purposes. The project responds to recognised needs to better prepare students for the transition to University and for an increasingly globalised world of work.