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Student Perceptions of Environmental Economics

The following are the results of a student survey taken in April 2005 at The University of Sheffield.

Why are you taking the (2nd year) Environmental Economics module?

  • Gives an opportunity to address important issues which affect the world. Provides a welcome break from mathematical economics.
  • Interested in the relationship between economic output and environmental damage.
  • Did not think there would be much maths. Looked interesting and easy.
  • Thought it would be interesting to see how economics could attach a social cost to pollution, when throughout economics the main concerns are usually efficiency and output. Thought it would be interesting to learn more about environmental economic policies currently used.
  • Find the subject interesting since it is applicable to real life and is currently an important debate both nationally and internationally.
  • It is an increasingly important and relevant subject to me. Enjoy it as it extends traditional economics and seeks to address errors which have been traditionally untouched. Need to explore the issues that may be needed in a job to do with the environment.
  • It is an interesting, current affairs module which can be applied to the real world. Enjoy learning about pollution control. Previous modules I have studied are similar to this.
  • An area of interest, which coincides well in areas with my other module, Development Economics.
  • Am aware of the changing global environment issues and wanted to learn more through the economic perspective.
  • The environment is affecting all of us. In the study of economics, the environment is often left out of account. Interested in how the environment and economics are going together.
  • It is an interesting subject. Wanted to learn more about how economics could be applied to environmental issues. Wanted to learn more about taxes and permit schemes.
  • It is an interesting and varied module. Quite different to the others. It is quite related to the real world and the topics covered seem to be up to date. There is lots of empirical evidence.
  • Because people of our generation need to plan our future economic actions so the environment is sustainable. The subject is very closely related to the real world and has real world case studies.