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IREE Volume 9 Issue 1, 2010

Editorial: What effect do we really have on students’ understanding and attitudes? How do we know?
Peter Davies and Ross Guest

Research in Economics Education

Developing Outcomes Assessment Tools to Evaluate and Improve Economics Programs
Jill Caviglia-Harris and Brian Hill

An Assessment of Online Quizzes and Textbook Resources on Students' Learning
Monica Galizzi

Laying off or Not? the Influence of Framing and Economics Education
Jeannette Brosig, Timo Heinrich, Thomas Riechmann, Ronnie Schöb and Joachim Weimann

Practice in Economics Education

Using 'the Apprentice' to Teach a Managerial Economics Course
Kerry King-Adzima

Student Performance in Principles of Macroeconomics: The Importance of Gender and Personality Type
Lars Fallan and Leiv Opstad

Adventures in Learning: Creating Role Playing Video Games to Teach and Learn Economics
Catherine Lawson and Larry Lawson

A New Keynesian Workbook
Pavel S. Kapinos

Using Equity Markets to Teach Long-Run Monetary Neutrality
Stephen Miller