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Appendix 1: The JISC/INTEGRATE project

An opportunity arose in July 2008 for a JISC-funded project (Integrative Technologies), a collaborative venture between the University of Exeter Business School and the Education Enhancement team. The JISC/INTEGRATE project, led by Elizabeth Dunne (Project Director) had a remit to review the technology that could enable academics to engage in more effective ways. This involved all departments within the Business School and several staff. We are grateful to Jenny Wren (Portable Digital Cameras), Alex Janes (Wikis) and Jonquil Hinson (Learning Logs) for sharing their experiences.

The objectives were three-fold: to promote a learning ethos which fosters active engagement (given large student numbers); to manage assessment and feedback; and to promote a collaborative community valuing diversity. Outputs from the project include a set of case studies and 'how to' guides which covering a range of technologies.

‘Helped us make the transition from six quiet and nervous freshers to six competent, confident and collaborative university students.’ (First Year Undergraduate, UK student University of Exeter Business School)

This work, in conjunction with the wider scale ’Students as Change Agents’ programme across the university, has developed to show different ways in which students can participate in educational change, from having a ‘voice’ to being actively engaged in bringing about changes in technology provision and the curriculum. See the section 3 case study ‘Learners’ perspectives’.