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Appendix 1: Official assignment cover sheet containing generic assessment criteria and a declaration of originality of work

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Student Name:____________________ Student Number:______
Assignment Number:_________________ Title:___________________
Instructor's Name:__________________________________________
Due Date:______________ Subject Code and Name:______________


I/we affirm that the attached work is entirely my/our own except where the words or ideas of other writers are specifically acknowledged through the use of inverted commas and in-text references. This assignment has not been submitted for any other subject at Univ X (or other institution). I/we have revised, edited, and proofread this paper.

Word count:
Student signature:

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Assessment Criteria Grade
1 Demonstrated the ability to communicate according to the normal conventions with respect to language use, grammar and referencing.    
2 Demonstrated the ability to identify, select and use essential readings.    
3 Included relevant supportive qualitative and/or quantitative data, which were presented in a clear and integrated way.    
4 Analysed, critically, the issues using appropriate concepts and methods.    
5 The key elements of the topic were outlined and clearly justified.    
6 Conclusions were developed clearly, logically and concisely.    
*S = satisfactory; U = unsatisfactory. To achieve a passing grade, criterion number 1 must be assessed as satisfactory. Percentage:
Signature of examiner: Date:
Note to students: To preserve the formatting of this cover sheet, be careful not to remove the 'Section Break'. This is viewable by selecting the 'Normal' option in the 'View' menu.